Moska Knitwear was created by Julija Astasonoka, a graduate of Gray's School of Art, who learned how to knit from a very young age, carrying and developing her skills throughout her life. This brand is the culmination of her dream of creating a fresh, exciting, and universal take on luxurious knitted garments made by her hands in the heart of Scotland. Using locally sourced wool, our products are created by hand in rural Angus, Scotland to an extremely high quality, reflecting what we believe our customers want and deserve - cosy, affordable, & exceptional quality knitwear. We aim to provide sustainable slow-fashion products that can appeal to anyone, and use only the best material as well as taking extra care to ensure every product is made to the highest standard. If there is something you want that isn't on our website, or if you have a specific design or size, please message the main page and we will endeavour to meet your request.


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