Introducing our 'Harbour' 100% pure lambswool jumper - a fantastic garment with a design which is inspired by the fishing and marine industry of Scotland's North East coast.


This piece is hand-made from 100% high-quality super-soft lambswool sourced from a 200 year old local mill. 


It features a unique hand-embroidered logo inspired from the livery of the fishing boats in Fraserburgh harbour, Scotland which had a massive influence on its designer & creator who lives and worked there for a number of years. 


Our one-of-a-kind jumper is super soft and warm, and the super-soft non-itchy material ensures that the wearer is amazingly comfortable while being able to keep even the harshest of coastal weather at bay. 


We believe the design and colour palate will go brilliantly with a variety of different outfits, and can match with jeans and trainers up to heels and trousers.

Women's 'Harbour' Jumper